Sunday, February 1, 2009

my list

I came across my list of 'things I want to do before I die' For those of you who haven't read my previous blogs, the list is just kinda a wish list of things I'd like to do in my lifetime. Some of them are small things, some may never happen, but its my list. Reading over my list I realized I have actually accomplished a few of them, some of them no longer apply, and I may want to add a couple. So I'm going to retype it here, and edit it some, share it with all of you who are interested, and maybe inspire you a little to have dreams of your own :)

*Build/restore a piece of furniture.
I haven't gotten to this one yet, its still high on my list though. I have however done a couple of decoupages on end tables, and I love them. And I did fix the desk we got at a yard sale-got to use the drill, felt good!

*Have a darkroom in my house (for photography)
This one I would still like to keep on my list, I don't know how feasible it is, if I win the lotto definitely! I do want to get back into some black and white photography though, I miss it.

*Go to Paris
This one will always be on the list-even if I go, I will change it to 'go back to Paris'
I'm just going to have to start saving my pennies for this one.

*Visit Hawaii
I'm thinking this one will happen, not sure how soon, but now that mom is living there its way more likely that i'll make it out there. Its just things are super tight with money right now -and tickets for me and the two kids for hawaii wont be cheap, but i do know i will make it there. i'll be saving my dimes for this one!

*Get married(yes its important to me)
I am almost embarrassed to leave this one on my list. I'm such a girly girl, I want the whole marriage thing. I want someone to love me enough to let everyone know they want to love me forever. Besides what girl doesnt want to get all dolled up and have a special day. Not that I would want a huge catholic wedding, something outdoors maybe, with close friends. My dear friend Kasia says marriage is overrated. I have to agree, relationships alone are a hard and scary thing to do sucessfully. I'm not sure marriage is ever in that stars for me. I like to hope its a possibility some day. Maybe I will change this one to "love" instead of marriage. Big love!

*be happy-daily(this is a big one)
This one is a work in progress, today is one point for this b/c today is going very well so far. Its definetly on my new years resolution list. Some days are easier than others. And I do not expect to be happy all day every day, but I need, yes I NEED to be happy every day. I'm working on it. I'm finding more me time-the blogging helps, the yoga too. Lily helps out alot by watching tyler sometimes.
Tyler helps alot with the happiness! He's just so damn cute, and fucking hilarious all the time, he's the little sunshine in our dysfunctional family. Lily makes me very happy also b/c she's doing so well in school-did I mention that she got all A's and one B+! I'm really blessed with amazing/beautiful children :)
I haven't spent enough time lately with friends and that doesn't help with the happiness. We'll work on that too.

*make curtins for the house.....i think i can, i think i can
ha-i have to laugh at myself sometimes. i do believe that this is possible still. it will take lots of time and effort i'm sure-but i do know it would be time and effort well spent and very rewarding! i need to work on these now-so that our gas bill can go down b/c it was INSANE this month w/ this draft old house. I did bust out moms old sewing machine that she gave me the other day to fix tims pants(he ript his pants-just like spongebob-ha!). It was nice-i enjoy using the sewing machine. Reminds me of when mom taught me to use it, I just thought it was the coolest thing.

*make a quilt (i don't feel like i have to wait until i'm a grandma to do this)
I think, no change that, I AM going to attempt to make one for Lily for her b-day. I have alot of her old clothes that I kept to cut out squares to make one some day. And I think now is the time to try this. It may not be a masterpiece but I'm willing to try it out. Her b-day is in August that gives me 5 months to figure it out. Wish me luck!

*learn to rollerblade
This one scares me, I must have been feeling adventurous the day I orignally made this list. But I think I need to try it. I just keep picturing my self going around that one curve on the east race that is east of howard park, and falling into the stinky st. joe river! yuck. I'm sure its not all that bad, the skating, not the river-i'm sure that is yuck! I'm just not so good with the normal skating, so i assume rollerblading is harder. I just need to try new things! I actually tried the jousting at Megaplaly the other day, despite feeling like a dork, i'm glad I did! Its good to try new things. Ya only live once.

*learn to drive a stick shift car
Wow I did this one-i can check it off my list! Our car was in the shop and my wonderful brother let us borrow his bubble car (this is what kasia calls it) Once I got the hang of it, it was kinda fun-and now I can drive a stick shift.

*go skiing
once again, i must've been feeling adventurous. Because it seems so dangerous and i'm not so coordinated and i really really dislike cold weather. Some day though i'll get up the courage to try the bunny slopes, mabye ty will go w/ me!

*make a scrapbook of the month Lily and I spent in Poland w/ John and Kasia
wow! so that was forever ago and I still havent even started this. I have pictures printed out b/c I did doubles when I made one for Kasia-but I havent even started this. I need to b/c Lily turned 5 that summer and she's going to be 10 (yes double digits this year-big stuff!) so its time to do the book before I forget it all! I love to scrapbook so i'm not sure what the delay is. I even have a ton of paper and accessories. So get on it girl.

*do some mosiac art
I dabled in this a little a long time ago when lily was like 2, and dont feel it was very successful. I know my dear old friend Kristy has done alot of it, maybe I can get her to give me some tips sometime. Because I really love it and want to learn to do it myself.

*have rules set in place at home that keep our house tidey and in order.
I think this one has gotten better, it helps I am home all the time now. And we are not all just running around all the time. but this can always be improved apon.

*make Vesuvios a dine in restruant i'm proud to say we own
i'm offically taking this off my list. It was too much stress for me. and i'm leaving it to others that can handle the stress that I cant. Because I just dont see it heading in a direction that I want, but its not my dream its someone elses so that is fine.

*own a HUGE wooden canopy bed
I so want this so bad. I saw one when I was visiting Terri in Georgia years ago at an import shop and it was on sale and i really truly almost bought it but it was so huge how on earth would i get it home, I guess it wasnt meant to be at that point. But some day I will have one.

*own hundreds of books
I love books, just love having them, love reading them. Love old books w/ fancy covers. Love, love, love books, cant have enough of them.

*go to the theater in Chicago
I just love Chicago and its so close, and i've seen Le Mis but it was in high school it was just so fun, I want to go again soon!

*go on a cruise
How fun, it would just be so fun. Definitely to some where warm!

*make a family tree....on paper please...i'm not talking about having a million more kids or anything.
I started working on this awhile ago on and it was super fun and I have tons of pictures to go along with it, and I plan to pick back up on it soon. I would also love to get a huge paper and write it out-but its easier online w/ all the different branches and such.

*smile daily
yeah this just goes hand in hand with the be happy thing. And I do find myself smiling more often with out effort. Things are looking up.

*go fishing
Bex said Brian would help me out w/ this one, they live on the lake. I just want to try it once. I remember Grandpa Bud fishing when they lived on the lake in Florida, oh do I miss that house, it was so magical for me.

*buy a bike
For exercise. I miss riding bikes at Potato Creek, I will take the kids to do that this summer, ty is older now, and they still rent bikes. I miss the nature.

*own a pool table
I like pool, but i'm not so sure anymore that I feel the need to own one. It would be fun, but not a priority on my list.

*decorate the house
I think i'm ready, I think it is about time that I lay down the law and take back over the house. I may become super bitch for while, but I have so much stuff, so many things I love, pictures, nicknacks i've aquired on travels, things that I want to fill the house with-and i'm scared to b/c the kids are messy and not sure if its our own or others that come over, but some steal. These things are special to me, which I know can be materialistic of me, but these things are alot of my memories and they make me happy and I think I maybe ready to fill spaces in the house with them, but i'm scared. Also just painting and general fixing up of the house is seriously needed, it will take much time and money, but I think I can handle it one step at a time.

*garden/successfully own house plants
I like plants, they provide us with lots of good oxygen. Mom gave me her plants when she moved to Hawaii, and I've been able to keep most of them alive, they like my sunroom! And I have the one she gave me when we moved into Central High-its still very much alive. The gardening, that is hard b/c we dont really have land to garden. The whole back yard is cement b/c of the pool and the little patches that are not, arnt in great light b/c of the massive trees we have-i love the trees, except in fall when i have to rake a million leaves, but i guess that is providing me w/ well needed exercise. I'd love to grow some veggies w/ the girls though, maybe we'll try the flower box again, and remember to water it more!

*have a porch
This one is unlikely unless I move, b/c our house doesnt have one and we have a small patio that could maybe be converted into one, but that would be alot of $$, so right now very unlikely, mabye i'll just have to hang out on dads, lots of good childhood memories of that big brick wrap around porch.

*New kitchen counters
Dad just helped me fix the old ones, the cheap stuff was coming up off the wood. No money for this right now-not overly important, more of a day dream on this, but someday....we'll add it to fixing up the house list

*my own car
This will be a must in the future i'm sure, but at the moment things are working out with one. I'd like my own mainly b/c tim is super messy in the car department. And i miss having my own little space I can get away in.

*visit Disney with my kids
I've never been and i'm sure we'd just have a blast. Maybe in a couple years when Tyler will be able to really appricate it too. Lily will always be a princess, so i'm sure she'll have a great time.

*loose weight through exercise and healthy meals for me and the family
I've been cooking at home more definitly and trying to buy healthy stuff. Did Yoga twice this week, hoping to sneak it in later tonight also. Makes me feel so much better. Its hard some days, especially when Ty's food of choice is hot dogs. But he also loves apples and banana's. We're heading into good habits with this stuff.

i have to do this when I visit mom, where else to do it then Hawaii.
I just think it would be the funest thing-Tyler would have a blast.

*take a long road trip with good friends-no real destination needed
yeah-I think maybe more than one should happen. I love road trips and I love my friends, and we'll just have to plan some fun stuff soon, even if only to chicago.
I think i'd also like to go on a road trip w/ lily and ty. I remember thinking it was so fun growing up when we'd travel to Florida to see grandma and grandpa young

*spend more one on one time w/ Lily
We dont get enough of this. I did take her to Red Lobster a few weeks ago b/c of her good grades. And we are building a dollhouse for her together but we kind put that on hold, we will pick that back up real soon. I get plenty of one on one w/ ty while lily is at school, and often we do things all of us, so i plan to do more luches and movies w/ lily to let her know i appricate all she does to help out, especially w/ ty.

*make a time capsule for ty before his first b-day
Ops missed that one! He is 2 1/2 now. I still will do this, I think i will get lily and him involved in it though-that will be fun. If anyone else would like to add something, a note or a picture or something from this year let me know. I made one for lily that she can open on her 18th b-day. I love the idea.

*own a papason(its one of those round wicker chairs w/ the cushion)
i just love these-they are a little pricey, but I want one to curl up and read in, I always have wanted one....maybe several of you could go in on it for my b-day which is in like 10 months! ha, think ahead.

*tour a vineyard/go wine tasting...
I did when I went to California to see Liz like 8 yrs ago, and it was fun. i"m not much of a wine person but it was just fun. maybe i'll get bex to do michigan w/ me over the summer. She's alreay been so she can hook me up on what is going on, besides she likes the wine....I've always wanted to like wine, I love the idea of wine bottles, i guess i just have to find one i really like, hence the winetasting...oh yeah and we have to go to that cute little artsy town that J&K went to in Michigan. I just love to travel, i wish i could do it more. anyone out there want to pay me to travel??

*vacation in Italy
i like this idea. how beautiful it is there. maybe i can retire there, guess i have to have a job to retire though. want to see ther world and other cultures, it so appeals to me, living in the midwest isnt overly exciting. Ana and I were just talking about his today b/c she may take a little trip and i'm so so so jealous! Angie is in Rome and i'm so so so jealous!

*go back to California
I had such a wonderful wonderful amazing time there with my dear friend lizzie
and I just miss her so much. Its so beautiful there, that helps. We went to the coast, I just love the name San Simeon. We went to the Hurst Castle-which was like the coolest thing ever! We spent some time at her bosses house, which was so amazing. Just laying in the hammock by the pool was so relaxing. I went alone. The first time ever I went on a trip by myself, the first time I ever flew. Lily was 1 at the time. And just shopping and hanging out with Liz was the best. She's one of my favorite people and she's always so positive and she makes me happy, so I want to go there to see her mainly. I had a dream that i won the lottery the other day (we all have that dream, maybe b/c I bought my first lottery ticket ever the other day! and the woman who sold it to me probably though I was an idiot b/c she was like what kind and i so didnt know there were different kinds, ha, she really had to walk me through it) anyway, I had the dream and one of the first things I did was go visit Liz in Cali. I really think that would be the main thing i would do with load of money-travel. maybe i should've been a flight attendant

*fill the walls of my home w/ pictures of family and friens
I would make the whole house one big cork board and fill it with pictures and posters if tim would let me! ha! I need to find a way to do it that is more organized though. Like matching frames and such. we have a massive wall where the stairs are and I need to find a way to use it. I have several framed photos from black and white photography class and a million and one photos printed, just not sure how to display them yet. but it will come soon, one day when i'm feeling super creative. My room growing up was insane you couldnt see any space on the walls at all, it was covered in posters and notes and pictures....i so love collages and such-i just need to channel that into more of an adult way of displaying my creativity.

*collect shells with Lily on the beach in Florida
The beach in Florida is magical for me, it reminds me of Grandma Ellie, and summer vacations. And I want to share that with lily. And who doesnt love collecting shells. Maybe we'll go more this summer to the Dunes and we can start with rocks, she likes rocks....That is why I have to loose some of this weight b/c I sure am not putting on a bathingsuit right now, and that is no fun for my kids.
I will loose it b/c I really want to go to the summer w/ the kids this summer!

*play in the rain
as often as possible. makes me feel young and alive.
only the warm rain though...

*die my hair blue
I've just always wanted blue hair, for some odd reason.
I'm sure jen would do it for me. and i probably should while i have no job and can, but i'm not sure i'm ready for it, or if i ever really will do it, maybe i'll get a blue wig.

*take a trip alone with Timothy
i'm trying to plan this. He works so much, its rare he gets away, and who would watch the kids. But i'd really like to just even go to Chicago for the day with Tim. They have some really awesome little pizza shops there that would be fun for us to check out, so maybe when it gets alittle warmer i'll convince him to join me on a sunday.

ok, here are some i'd like to add to my original list, some of them are more like little to do things, here they are.

*spend more time doing out door activities, especially with the kids, the beach, biking, just walks to the park, exercise and fresh air!

*Shampoo the carpets in the house, especially the stairs, I just need to do it, it seems like it will be a huge project and that they will get so dirty again soon after, but its so long over do

*be more handy, and fix the bathrooms, we have 3 showers and only one works, also install the fans/lights we got for the kids, just more fix ity type things.

*be more Green, its something i care about and just dont spend nearly enough time trying to save the planet. Its something i believe in, we recycle but that is about it, we constantly have 3 tv's on and all the lights on and wasting energy and money. i'd also like to start a compost out back, probably when it gets warmer though.

*take more pictures, i havent lately b/c my battery charger is missing, so i need to get a new one. i'd like to do some more and black and white and some snapshots for sure. i love photos

*Declutter the house, that will come with moving things in to the other parts and decorating the house, especially w/ the girls, there stuff needs to be seriously sorted and organized.

*Keep up with coorespondance-I'm hoping this blog helps out, hopefully some of you will respond to some of my posts and or e-mail me w/ updates on you. I also need to keep up via mail better. I want to send more pictures of the kids and such online also-but i have that little battery issue at the moment-so soon.
I dont keep in touch enough w/ the people I love, and definitly want to keep up better with it!

I think that is all for now, i may add and or edit my list in the near future, to keep me on my toes, it just feels good to get ideas out in writing and not hold everything in my head.

Hope everyone enjoys :)

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