Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have some really cute kids!

I recently got some photo's in the mail that I printed on Snapfish, I usually use Walgreens but I had some coupons, and I sure do love coupons! Plus I really like that name Snapfish. Its the little things that make me smile. Ok, so i'm off topic already. Topic being I have some damn cute kids, so I thought i'd share some pics. I havent taken any too recently b/c of my charger missing issue-I am happy to say that I did order a new one, I found one for $15, when Sony wanted $55 + shipping. I should have that soon-so that I can share new photo's. But I have some from over the summer when we went to the park, that turned out pretty cool. So thought i'd share :)

These first ones are from a day-in September-I caught the girls and Tyler playing in the rain. It was a little cold, hence the hats and scarves. Oh how I miss the days before snow!
I absolutely love the rain, these pictures remind me of John and I pla
ying in the rain when we were kids at the house on Taylor St. Ah to be young.
This one is of Tyler watching the girls. They were collecting bark and leaves and sticks to sail down the stream (river) of water that was flowing in the street to the drain.

How cute my little man is, his eyes really are more green than the bright blue they use to be. I just had to laugh at the hats and scarves that the girls had put on him. We really have a smorgisboard of winter accessories from years past, that never seem to match eachother.

How curious! I really love the bricks we have in front of the house. Looks like Tyler does too. I think he was looking for bugs or maybe acorns. How fun! Tyler trying to figure out how to work the umbrella!Nadja posing with a piece of bark. The girls crack me up-they are always wanting to pose in the strangest ways or with random objects. I just have to laugh at them. Because I always ask-what will I do with these pictures! I guess I will start printing them out to wall paper their rooms or something. Ha! I believe this was some of the things she used to build her raft. I think she is holding the leaves also-although it just looks as if she is standing by the tree, ha.
The one of Tyler is me trying to be crafty with my photo program. The hat and scarf look a little less silly in black and white. You can see the little scar on his nose still, but it seems to fade away with time. I think the more tan he is the more it stands out.
This picture is of a mushroom we found in the field next door to us. It is often in the warmer weather that we will see lots of them, big and small all over near our house. I assume it is b/c we live so close to the river. There is just something magical about mushrooms, I can just picture small fairy tale creatures living near them. Lily and I even played around with putting some little figurines on them for fun. This is my little laughing turtle!
I got a few shots of the kids carving a pre-halloween pumpkin. I didn't get a carved shot because I think my camera died. We couldnt get tyler to stick his hand in there to get the slime out. Lily was all for it because she loves to toast up the seeds and eat them :)
To the left is a rare good picture of both Tyler and his buddy Lucas-they are about the same age. I have trouble getting Tyler and the older kids to all look at the camera at the same time, but when there are 2 2 yr olds, its near impossible. This is from a day that my friend Kristy brought Lucas over, and the kids spent some time outside playing basketball and running around. Once again I sure do miss the warm weather when we could go outside and soak up some sun. Although the sun is shining trough the window-thats a bonus on this super cold winter day!
Ha I just love Tylers silly face pictures! What a little monster.
And Lily's silly picture too! I really like the way this snapshot turned out w/ her bright pink shirt and a hint of green grass in the back ground.

What a fun shot of the girls.
And a picture of their new socks. They love to have me take a millon pictures of
them doing sillythings!

Here are some action shots of the girls jumping on the bed. We took like a hundred shots trying to get them in mid air! This one on the left with lily's hair all puffed out is hilarious! I can only do this with them for so long before I get totally exhausted. They always want to see all the shots right after I take them. Which makes the 'photo shoot' twice as long :)
Ha-Nadja is a little sideways
in this one!
A couple of little monkeys ju
mping on the bed!And a nice one here of them falling backwards. I guess it
was a good work out for the two of them.
All kinds of crazy jumping shots! And little ty ty in the a diaper only as usual....little side note here....we are all done with the diaper/pull up thing...we've moved on to Deigo underwear, and are accident free!

Ah here is one with Tyler in it.
An overhead shot of them. They must have been
exhausted from all the jumping what bunch of cheeseballs! Even Tyler found some fun socks for his chunky legs!
Silly faces!!

UP SIDE DOWN! Reminds me of that Berenstain Bears book about the bear that was in the box. Inside, Outside, upside down. Because he was inside a box, but the box was outside and it was well, upside down. Mom use to read that one to us! Wonder what ever happen to those books.

Watchout. We were playing with some of the features on my camera. We got a couple of fun shots. Lilys fingers look kinda creapy in this shot!

This is a great
shot of Lily eating some home made banana (or as Tyler says ba na nina) bread. She's growing up so fast. What a beautiful little lady she is becoming. If only I could get her attitude to match those bright blue eyes....

Tyler loves to bowl!
We go bowling all the time.
It is Tylers favorite activity!
He's no
t to bad at it either!
He uses the metal racks and bumpers of
coarse. He's not a professional yet.
But he did do pretty good at mini golf the other day, watch out Tiger!
Lily making cup cakes- I couldnt get it to rotate-ok i didn't really try that hard. so this is lily making cup cakes sideways. Baking maybe her favorite activity. or eating....other than playing her DS of coarse. and that my have to get put away for awhile...b/c she got 2 C's on her report card! one of them in Math!! Its the decorating part of the cupcakes that she loves the most.
OH look at all those yummy cup cakes
No wonder i'm not losing any weight There are always cupcakes and banana bread in my house!
And there is my cute little Clark Kent. He is getting so big! I can hardly believe he will be 3 in June! Its gone by so fast!

Ha!! Lily and Tyler making funny faces at Panera! We
love Panera and could probably eat there every day!
Tyler just loves their soup.
Every time we drive down Main
St. he says "mom, Panera. we

gettin soup?"

Oh and there is my little cutie brother JM (John Mark) with Lily and Tyler. I cant hardly ever get one with all of them looking at me! Its so cute when Tyler says 'Uncle John Mark!!'
JM is such a happy little guy!
My daughter looks so grown up here-did i mention she'll be 10-double digits! this summer

Here Tyler is recovering from the trama that is cutting his hair. We decided to by clippers and try it at home. He cried and cried and then we actually started cutting it he realized it wasn't so bad! He was more upset when I washed it afterwards! The haircut previous to this was the worst, he cried and cried and held on to my neck like the poor woman at Walmart was going to cut his ear off! I really think she almost had a heart attack! Its just so much easier to take care of when its short! And he looks sooo cute.... everyone says he looks like baby Obama.
This was so funny! I gave the kid a banana and when I come upstairs I find him passed out next to his daddy with the banana peel! He's so his fathers son! I found Tim the other day in the bed with a bowl of cereal and MILK under his arm, fast asleep! That would've been a mess!

This tree is at the Chic-Fil-A on Main Guess we only eat at restruants on Main St. HA! But I thought it was the coolest thing! I want one-I will put it right next to my Smurf house!!!

This is the cuttest picture of Lily and Tyler. Right after I had straightened Lily's hair-it took me like 45 minutes!!

I tried to get a good shot of everyone here on Christmas, but didnt actually get one that had everyone looking normal. But then I guess we really are not normal anyway! We dont really have many pictures of all of everyone...and i'm not even in this one, plus there is an added kid. Tim and Bo are at the top, Bo will be 19 next month! Hard to believe...Jordan there in the middle, the blonde is Bo's mom's daughter India, Nadja is next to her and Lil and Ty at the bottom.

Random pic of Kasia feeding Spaghetti to Tyler at the Pizza place around the corner from where John works in Ft. Wayne. Those two are just best buds and as you can see trouble when you get them together!

Now for some summer fun shots of us at Bendix park, which is one of my most favorite parks ever! Its in Mishawaka, off of Delorenzi-which is the street my Great Grandma lived on. It has a train track that blocks it off from the nieghborhood. The park is pretty hidden, even though it is next to a factory, I always found it magical, I love taking my kids there.
Lily was having a little trouble getting the kite into the air, but once she did she was gone with it.
It was hard to get a good shot of them and the kites. It was such a beautiful day!

This one is probably my favorite because, it shows the little creek? Well its like a drain or something, but when I was a kid it was a big deal to jump over the little stream, I got Nadja in an action shot here!
And a shot of Ty Nadja and Lily on the play ground!

Lily on the merry go round

A fun shot on the slide, guess Jordan wasnt with us that day... Mom use to take pics like this all the time, they are so fun! We had a great day. Nadja and I got carry out from Papa Vino's, pasta and their yummy papa's salad! and we had a nice picnic and flew kites! Then it was time for work : (

A picture of Bo and Lily at Kids Kingdom, and nadja popped in the back corner there! Timothy and Tyler on the tire swing !

Nadja and her one true love! This picture turned out super fun-and was totally Nadja's idea! She wrote the love out and everything. Ty, Lily Nadja and I had some lunch at the Bonnie Dune on LW, I love their Vanilla Cokes....

Wow that took me awhile to upload all those pics-It would've been faster if I made some smaller but that would be an extra step there! I started this several days ago and worked on it several occasions. Hope you enjoy!

And now that my camera is working again I will be able to put up some more fun ones!!!

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