Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun things

Wanted to Blog about some of the fun things i've done lately with my friends!
The weekend before last we celebrated Bex's b-day. Unfortunately due to my lack of camera, I do not have exciting pictures to share. Friday night I went shopping with Becca so she could find a birthday outfit... and she did, she found an amazing dress.
I tried on a million things and all I ended up with was a white tank top-which was really needed and only $3! We had dinner at Villa Macri-I hadn't been there yet. It is so huge and really nice in there! We went with a coupon Bex had for sandwiches and ended up getting lured in by the dinner menu! We had a really yummy appitizer of tomato, cheese and breaded lightly fried cucumber! I had some very very tasty crab stuffed shrimp!! I cant wait to go back there-maybe Tim and I can go, he hasn't been yet either!
Saturday night we all went out to Houlihans, we sat in the party room! It was really nice, and had giant bottles of wine! We had lots of yummy, mini martini's and, I actually had a cheeseburger that was awesome! And this very yummy Meditrianian Orzo! yum i could use some of that now :)
After dinner we hung out in the bar for awhile, but didnt stay out too late which was super fine with me because I just cant party like we use to, and Bex and Brian and Kasia all had a long drive home. I had a great time, I hope that she did too!
That Sunday I had a really great lunch with Ana Banana, at Le Peep. I love that place! There food is so amazing! We hadnt seen eachother in awhile so it was great to catch up and just hang out. Good food, and great friends, what more could ya need!! It was a nice weekend.

This last weekend was the 1 year anniversary party for Emblazon Salon.
Congrats to Jen and all the girls!! It was so fun-it was a masqurade and i've never been to one but always wanted to! It was super fun, masks and yummy food, and good people and lots of dancing. I think I was home by like 1, but was super tired. I had such a great time! Becca and I got ready before hand at Rachels house, it was great to hang out and have some girl time.

Lori, Becca, Me and Karol Becca making kissy faces

Sunday I had lunch with Ana-looks like Sunday lunch is becoming our tradition.
We had some fancy mac and cheese at Fridays-it was ok-but kinda smokey-and i'd take my Kraft box mac and cheese over that anyday. We had some yummy pot stickers too :) Our server was super nice. That always makes my day.
Ana and I went shopping afterwards, Target, TJ Max...we havent just hung out for most of the day in a really long time, it was nice!

Today was a super busy day for me, but a pleasant one. I had an apt today with my State Farm people, they are just so extremly nice there. Carrie helped me out so much with getting our insurance back in order. They make dealing with stuff I dont really want or know how to so much easier. They just love Tyler there too-it helps that its an errand that I can bring him along with. He was even poking the agent in the face to get his attention and they were really cool about him.
The girls at the bank also are always super friendly. The one in particular, Samantha always remembers me...and thinks Tyler is such a doll. It helps when you find friendly people, because honestly customer service lately is crap.
I call the cable company and half the time cant understand the person I am talking to, and when I can they act like its just a pain in the you know what to deal with me, like its not their job or anything....Don't get me started about how the mortgage company passed me around to 4 different people who couldnt help me.
Ok, I need to stop that b/c I titled this Fun Things and that is NOT fun.
I went to Gordons today, and Tyler got to see Shawn-who is his favorite, he's been there forever and is always super helpful. It was nice to see some of the friendly faces that I recognize. We go in there like everyday so I guess they know us!
Nadja, Lily, Tyler and I made pizza for dinner. We stole stuff from the pizza place and made our own pizzas here, they kids always like doing that!
Chef Tyler

His daddy would be so proud! He's a little baby pizza man....
Nadja concentrating real hard on her piece of art.

Lily with her pizza ready to go in the oven.

Lily and Tyler stealing some cheese before it goes onto the pizzas.
I was so excited I got a shot of both of them with the cheese,. I'm calling it "caught w/ the cheese" ha!!
It turned out really fun! The picture and the pizzas.

I finished Rome the other day, and am totally bummed to find out that they did not make any past the second season. I really liked it.
I also watched Zack and Miri last night-not really my favorite movie but it was funny. I have the newest season of Tudors waiting for me..I may start that tonight. Wow, is that what I do hide from the kids in front of the TV, when i'm not out running errands or hanging out w/ friends. Ha! I did make dinner last night and play Life and Apples to Apples with the kids! Today was just a long day. I'm just excited that I dont have to get up early tomorrow to take anyone to school.
We need to get real apples to apples we just have the kid one.
I cant wait for Angie to come back from Rome so we can sit around playing apples to apples and eating goober grape, I may even bribe her with a fancy new jar of Vicks :)

I am listening to Hard Candy by Counting Crows! I just love this album!
.....they paved paradise to put up a parking lot.....I know they didnt originally do that song, but that song is why i bought the album and there are some pretty awesome tracks.

Tyler is cracking me up lately. I told him I was going to beat him up, and he tells me "no beat up Nadja"...he's so funny.

The other day he was watching Diego and I said "tyler I love you" and tyler says "i love you to mommy, but you gotta be quite" I laughed and laughed and i'm sure i've said it to him several times-but he just cracks me up!!! So now he says it all the time even when I dont start it, i love ya but ya gotta be quite-and then he just starts cracking up. My little ham!

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