Saturday, October 3, 2009

Michigan Weekend Mid - July

So Mid July I got together with a couple of my favorite girls and had a wonderful Michigan weekend :)
Kasia's sister Ewa was here from Poland, they picked me up and we headed up to Decator to swoop up Becca and went to the Venetian Festival. Turned out to be a really chilly weekend. Funny thing was the girls were thinking it was a art festival that they had gone to the year before. Since it was chilly and we were planning to stay at Becca's that night and there was no art to look at we didnt stay long.
once again, I borrowed pictures from both of my lovely photographer friends, Rebecca and Kasia, for some reason I didnt take a single picture of that fabulous weekend!!

Venetian Fest

So the first thing we do when we get there is see this ostrage balarina, she had a neat name like sally or something, wish i could remember, its so fun all the animals they have all over the town. St. Joe that is for those of you who don't know where Venetian Fest is, its down by Silver Beach. Mom and Mike just moved to St. Joe, we'll they bought a house there, and moved stuff in but they are still technically in Hawaii for now, more pictures of that to come, yet i'm still rediculously behind on blogging, imagine that. It is now officially October and i'm still working on July but hey i'm working on it ;)

I just love this birthday Hippo that Ewa is posing with!!!

I love this poparazzi shot of us headed down to the vendors

We took a stroll down to the water so Ewa could put her toes in. It was really chilly that day, thankfully we had sweatshirts.

Becca took some great water shots ;)

Darn Paparazzi again!

It sure was cold, but its never too cold for Hawaiian Shaved Ice!! Here is me jealous of Becca's snowcone!

No worries, I got one too! yum!!! Pina Colada and Tigers Blood are my fav!

We had blue tongues!! I had to look that word up it just looks weird, was sure i'd spelled it wrong, but nope it just looks funny. thank you

We had to pose in front of this cool looking fountain. We walked around while we ate our snowcones, but soon headed back to the car, and did some grilling at Becca's :)


Saturday we had planned to go to the market in Grand Haven, but we slept in till like noon, and by time we got ready and would have traveled there, the market would've been long over :( So we decided to go to Saugatuck, which we'd originally panned to do on Sunday. So Saugatuck is Kasia's favorite place to go, we'll fav. in Michigan or the US or something definilty one of her favorites, i cant be so blod as to claim its her fav. Becca and Ewa and I had never been. It really was one of the cutest little artsy eclectic towns i've ever been to, just so completely cute! We had a great time. The weather wasnt perfect but was warmer than Friday at Venetian. We spent the day walking around shopping, and we ate at Kasias fav. pizza spot, yummy. I loved it, will definitly go back again soon, we'll its chilly out now, so maybe next summer :)

Here the girls are eating yummy Gilatto :) Becca had pumpkin, sooo good, i didnt have any b/c i had some yummy fudge!!

me and becca in line at the fudge shop :)

just adore this shot of Ewa w/ the taffy!

We took a break from shopping to catch the little bit of sun that was peaking trough the clouds. These chairs soooo comfortable, i want some, but they are hella expensive!!! Becca too some real fun shots of us being lazy ;)

this has to be Ewa's model shot ;)

We went back to Becca and Brians house that night and Brian took Becca and I out on the boat, it was chilly but we had some booze to keep us warm and Jackson, Becca took great shots of the sunset :)

oh i took this shot, but w/ beccas camera :) guess i wasnt total slacker for the weekend

so beautiful and peaceful out there, we even saw mama swan and her babies on the way back in

We put on some fun tattoo's becca had, and made some fried green tomatos and fried zucchini from BeCca's garden, yum, had some drinks and diner and played some Squint :) It was a fabulous evening. We ended it in the hot tub, great chilly night for it :)

oh yeah and we sat by the fire for a bit, awesome evening!

The weekend didnt turn out exactly as planned but turned into a really fun time with people i love, wish the weather would've cooperated more, but defintly good times!

Quote fun.......

It would be so nice if something made sense for a change. ~ Alice (in wonderland)

I wish i was both young and stupid, then i could have the fun that you do. ~ Aimee Mann from her song You Could Make a Killing, on the Cruel Intentions Soundtrack-love it!

Some days i wish i were old and wise, others i wish i was young and careless.

Pray for peace and self control

A dream is a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep. ~Cinderella

A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live. Ever After

i randomly had this in the pictures w/ my michigan weeekend, and i put it there b/c i liked it, so i decided to include it in my blog even though it really didnt go w/ anything i did lately or back in july :)

Watched Grey Gardens the night before last, it was crazy! Drew Berrymore was in it and i adore her, but the characters were crazy. It was a good movie and based on the true story of the eccentric (and by this i mean weird & crazy) aunt and first cousin of Jackie Onassis. And the house they lived in that was seriously neglected and became a hazard to live in. Worth seeing but you'll be like wow, how did they live like that!!

Also watched National Treasure 1 & 2 this week, who doesnt love a good treasure hunting movie :)

Dinotopia i rewatched w/ the kiddo's very cute fantasy movie where people get stranded after a shipreck on this island that time has forgotten where dino's and men live together, civil like, and i love the scenery and towns in this made for tv movie :)

We went and saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, with the kids, one of the funnest movies i've seen in awhile, we really enjoyed it.

Timothy also took me to see The Proposal, I just loved it, I like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds alot, it was so funny, just loved his parents house!

Well i'm tired and its 10:30 which is way past my bed time, and i'm off to bed. Hopefully i will get more caught up on my blogging so that i can actually tell you all what i am doing instead of what i was doing months ago.
I still have a massive Hawaii blog to do, and some fun pictures from both Lily and Tylers b-days. Lots of other fun stuff, like more canning and football games. And awesome stuff to come, like tomorrow we are going to Apple Fest in Niles, hope it isnt too cold. Plus halloween is weeks away and my birthday like 6 weeks away, yep the big 30 ! and right after that Turkey day, but I wont be eating much turkey this year b/c I am seriously making big eating changes! Hopefully between that and lots more yoga you'll be seeing a new slimmer S real soon :) Hope all is well with all of you my loved ones :)


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