Thursday, October 15, 2009

I cant wait for November to get here!!!

So November is always very exciting for me because well its my birthday month, and Thanksgiving, which just might be my favorite holiday!!! I have tons of very fun things planned for November that I am so super duper excited about!!

So for those of you who dont know me as well as you think you do I must inform you that I am a HUGE twilight fan! love the books, loved the first movie, so super excited to see the next movie, New Moon, that just happens to be coming out days before my b-day :)

The fact that Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob is shirtless through most of the movie has a small part to do with it ;)

I am also totally obessed with this House of Night series by The Casts, the new book is coming out this month and i cant wait to get my hands on it ;=) I love my fantasy books....

So it is my 30th birthday i am determined to have tons of fun with all my loved ones :) I made plans w/ my BFF Ana Banana to go to Chicago the weekend before my birtday to eat a my favorite restraunt, California pizza kitchen! They have the best Rosemary Chicken Potato pizza, yum, although i will be going for no chicken this time :) Ana and I use to drive down to Indy all the time just to eat at CPK at the Crossings mall !! Love that stuff, its been so long and i cant wait, she also wants me to check out this yummy place that she likes to go for lunch ! Cant wait!!!!

oh man i'm getting hungry!! Just me
and ana and a day in chicago, will be awesome!

For my birthday weekend I made plans to got to see My Angela friend in Chicago. Angie is vegan and i think we just may spend the whole weekend making tasty vegan dishes and eating and enjoying eachothers company. I"m sure some apples to apples play will be going on, if we can find another player or two b/c cant play w/ two : ( I dont get so see Ang nearly enough! She is very excited to teach me about being vegan and i cant wait to learn :) We are also going to get some tattoo's while i am there for the weekend. I have decided that I would like a star tattoo on my wrist, i think blue lighter but not baby, and i didnt think i wanted a outline but looking at this pic i think i might, i have a little time to decide. Ang is getting a rainbow & birds, a little ode to wizard of oz. i am trying to come up w/ something fun to put on my other foot, i have a purple dragon on my right foot, thinking a amy brown fairy, brown, or orange, earthy colors, or maybe a Alice In Wonderland themed tat, but cant think up anything fun yet, but i will wait till spring to get a foot one ;)

The sunday i am in Chicago, Timothy, john and kasia and Becca and Brian are going to join me for dinner and a show at Midevil times, i've always wanted to go and i cant wait. They do have a tasty sounding vegetarian meal, not vegan, but i'm sure i'll survive :) It will be fun :)

weekend after my b-day is Thanksgiving, and since i am becoming vegan, i feel weird saying i'm vegan b/c its new to me, and it seems so final and comittal to say i'm vegan, but honestly dont really miss meat to much and the few times i've eaten meat or cheese lately i've felt like poo afterwards, so i'm prolly on the vegan train for the long haul but for now i am still becoming vegan......Anyway, so i am going to come up w/ a tasty vegan menu in addition to the traditional menu i will be planning and cooking for the family b/c they would riot if there were no turkey, and tim would never forgive me if there was not mac n cheese!!! yikes. maybe i'll try tofurkey :) ha! i am going to definitly try some new stuff, and try to tweak some traditional fav's to be more vegan friendly :) I am so very excited to experiment w/ it :)

The rest of Thanksgiving weekend, me and the kiddo's will head to FW to hang out w/ John and Kasia, the kids have a 4 day weekend, and its been awhile since we've gone to FW for the weekend, nothing specific planned yet i dont think but maybe we could eat at that tasty Flat Top place ;) yum o!!! I misses my brother and sis, and cant wait!!

AS you can see i am so very excited about November because i have so much to look forward to :)

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