Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some July Fun :)

Hi all! I"m listening to my 90's playlist, and its putting me in a super good mood, lots of Goo Goo Dolls, Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos, STP, No it! Wanted to start out with some fun movies i've enjoyed lately, but I just couldn't drag that last blog out and bore you all any longer with my on an onness....ha!!!!
So i'm sure most of you know that we are big movie watchers over here, and over the last i dont know 2 or 3 months we've been racking up the Netflix points, ha! Finished Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, it was really cute, I love Amy Adams, and loved the 1930's outfits and settings. I really enjoyed it :) Revolutionary Road, was not one i probably would've picked out myself, but once again enjoyed one of tim's pics. This was a really interesting ending. Made ya really think about how things were for women back then I guess, it did however tend to drag out and kinda felt like not enough happen, kept expecting more. Definitely kudos to Kate for her performance though! How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, was just plane ok, I really like the hottie Megan Fox who's been in transformers, but she played a real bitch in this one. the lead in this movie he just plane annoys me, so i enjoyed parts but over all the humor was lost on me. Push was absolutely amazing, so exciting to see Dakota Fanning in a more grown up grungy role, loved the Asian setting and the movie was over just awesome! Taken, super good, really scary especially for those who have daughters, but well done :) Pieces of April, i've been eyeing for awhile, it has Katie Holmes who i like as an actress in it, and it was very IFC, or home videoy with the shots, but quirky and cute. House Bunny was funny, i love Anna Faris, she's so funny, and the movie was really cute ;) Obsessed, was awesome, Bionce kicked ass in it! That blonde who's in Heroes was so psycho! That reminds me i need to catch up on Heroes! Dont Mess with the Zohan, I put this in one night and just couldn't finish it, I started it before we went to see my mom and actually did watch the end with tim about a week ago, its so cheesy even for Adam Sandler who I love, but lots of crotch thrusting, maybe that is what put me off, but i did laugh mostly The I Inside, i really got into this movie even though it kept jumping back and forth, and i was a little lost, and then i was just plane mad at how it ended, but i really like Ryan P, so at least 1 thumb up :) Just this week we watched City of Ember, i soooo loved it, i have to read the book, i cant wait. i"d love to live in a city underground. loved it! Also the Family that Preys, was really good, watched it with tim, Kathy Bates is so funny! Caught up with my Weeds season 5, i just love that show, cant get enough! Nancy just keeps getting herself into more and more trouble :) Watchmen, i really really enjoyed. Thought the end was awesome, and just loved the setting . We got Smallville season 8 and Sunshine cleaning in the mail today, cant wait to watch them, but its only like 6, and i've been in my pj's all day, so i think i should wait until it gets dark to get back in the bed, ha! Dont get me wrong i've been very productive, dispite the pink striped pj situation, i did dishes, baked banana bread, watched tim fold laundry, fed tyler at least 4 times, and did a mountain of paper work for Vesuvio and the house that i've been putting off for forever, and even found time to check my e-mail and facebook, oh i did leave the house for a few minutes, to take kids to school and run to the bank, yes in my pj's love the drive thru! ha! Havent been to the movie theater too much, b/c we is poor and damn it cost a small fortune to go the the movies these days, thank goodness for netflix or i'd be movie deprived! But we did go the the dollar theater awhile ago and I caught Escape to Witch Mountain with the kids, I remember it from childhood, and it was pretty good, the rock was in it, and he's pretty cheesy but i enjoyed it, except for these damn teenagers that kept going in and out of the movie and talking and on cell phones, despite not liking conflict I had to ask them to be quite!!! grr!! A couple weekends ago Tim and the kids and i went to the Drive In in Plymouth, Ugly Truth and Funny People were playing. We got there late and so i missed the first 10-15 min of Ugly Truth and with trying to get the kids settled and eat our sandwiches, so I saw most of it but didnt get the whole effect : ( then half way through Funny People, which was really funny, the car battery died, so we off and on heard the sound, so not so fun drive in night, and i was super excited about those movies ! So my main topic i wanted to get into in this little blog, yeah i'm going to try to make it a short one, only including some 4th of July pics and ones from John's birthday, and since i just recently finished my last blog, i think i can make it happen, well at least short for me, i know i dont have too many pictures from those two events, but definitly some fun ones :) Definitly some fun times!

Here is ms. rebecca and myself and Rachel giving us bunny ears!

We were playing ladder ball with Melissa and Timothy, who are no longer allowed to be on the same time they kicked our butts!

Me and Rachel :)

Jen and my favorite beer :) Yummy Apple!

Timothy and his to go plate full of cupcakes, he had to go back to work :(

So I stole these firework shots from Rebecca, please luv dont get me for copywrite infringement!, because i have no firework pictures b/c my big old 3 yr old baby was extremely afraid of the fireworks, i had to go inside and lay down with him and cover his ears b/c he was like freaking out! last year he was fine, not sure what all that was about.
So no fire works for us!! But becca took really awesome photos :)

We had such a good time as we always do when we go up to see Becca and Brian at the lake :) We stayed the night and the sun came out the next day ;)

here is ty using that fancy fishing pole that bex and brian got him for his b-day :)

tyler after playing on the slip and slide, covered in grass :)

Melissa taught tyler how to build a sandcastle with a moat ;) he just had a blast with her!

So great to see Melissa, the kids really enjoyed it too :)

Jen and Melissa in the kitchen :) Bex taking a rest from hostessing to chat :)

couple group shots, Becca, Melissa, Rachel, jackson, and sammy. ty and tim snuck in one ;)

tyler just loved jackson ! he loves being around the dogs ;)
Lily in the water with one of brians neices? or a friend i am unsure, i am surprised that lil swam out to the floaty!

A nice shot of Brian and jackson chillin by the lake ;)

Here is a picture of a snake that just wouldnt stay off of Becca's paddle boat, and so Danny shot it, and then superwoman rebecca picked it up by its tail and threw it into the neighbors marsh! great shot danny and awesome fearlessness rebecca, wish i'd had a picture of that!!!

Chicago WestFest for John's Unbirthday
July had lots of busy weekends for me ;) I love summer, and i love my friends :) So the weekend after 4th of July I went to Chicago for the Saturday with John Kasia Brian and Ewa one of John's fav. bands Local H was playing at WestFest. We had a great time. I only know that one song by them....Copesetic....but it was really nice to spend time with everyone! WestFest pictures compliments of the lovely Kasia Young :)

John is super excited about our walk to the concert. It was in a neighborhood so we had to park and walk. Unfortunely we started walking the wrong direction, we walked at least 4 blocks before we hit a dead end and had to turn around. Nice neighborhood though :)
We passed a lovely little neighborhood garden. Kasia and Ewa with their fancy new hairdos :)

Proof that we (i mean John) paid to get into the festivities. It took us awhile to figure out what the stamp meant, later saw banners with the local radio station call letter on them and bam, it was obvious. You know we like our artsy stuff, so hence the stamp arm pic

So we were really excited about festival food! yum! unfortunatly this was the WORST festival food we ever had. K & E posed in front of this stand b/c it was Polish, we did not eat there, that lady looks pretty mad we took a picture in front of her stand! She reminds me of that unfriendly girl that works for Timothy. We got all kinds of stuff, sausage, fries with cheese, kabob's, all totally not good, lemonade was awesome-but hard to go wrong there. We thought you cant go wrong with an Elephant ear, wrong! this was the grossest Elephant ear we ever had!!!!! it was some weird dough, like pita or something, we didnt eat it, totally wasted $$. :(

When the concert started we found John and Brian front and center. However us girls in our flipflops didn't stay there long b/c it turned in to a crazy mosh pit, not really our thing. I'm impressed that John and Brian held their ground on the edge of the pit. We moved to the edge of the crowd, and saw a guy carried out w/ a busted ankle or knee or something, ambulance came and everything. craziness. Some weirdo was even filming it on his camera ' for UTube'.

Kasia and Ewa after we moved to a safer place, we had to laugh though b/c we had an awesome veiw of the 70 yr old sound guy in suspenders! He didnt even know who the band was, totally weird!

Pic of the lead singer. wish i had gotten a pic of the dummer he looked totally insane out of it!

Midweek Movie Fun!

This picture is from earlier that week, my wonderful sister in law who must love me so much came to SB on a Thursday ( i think ) to come and get me and take me back to Ft. Wayne (with no airconditioning, i might add, thats love) so we could see Away We Go, it wasnt playing here, it was playing at this tiney little artsy 1 screen theater downtown FW. LOVED the movie, totally awesome, had John Krasinski from the office, Mya Rudolph from SNL, Jim Gaffigan, and Maggie Gyllenhall, plays a laugh out loud crazy woman! Its on video now, if you havent seen it, see it! you'll love it! So I dont have a picture of the movie, but i have a picture of me and Ewa at Kasia's fav. restruant in FW, Baan Thai, sooo yummy!!!

Park Shots

So when it is nice out one of the things we really love to do with the kids is go to the park :) We had a nice little picnic (some yummy Papa Vino's carry out, love their Papa's salad) And we took some basketballs, and a bat and ball and hung out. We went to one of my 2 favorite parks, one that we use to all the time when we were young, its at the end of my great-grandmothers street in Mishawaka. Bayer park, its sits way back by the Bayer plant and is blocked off from everything when a train goes buy, you cant get out, i still till this day think that is one of the coolest things. I still imagine that one time after that train passes that things will look totally different on the other side of the tracks, or just be gone all together, yeah that is just how magical this park is for me : ) lots of good old memories there, it has a little drainage creek (ok its a tiney streem in cement, but i still remember jumping over it as a kid and it being a big deal) their is a wooded area and water on the other side of it :) Its never very busy, i love it! p.s. my other fav. park is Lang Park on LWE by the McD's that one has a for real creek, and even though its on a busy street feels totally cut off from it. I wish i lived in the old house just across the creek, it looks abandoned now. Me and the kids still go there and skip rocks ;) Ok back to my pictures :) Got a little lost in the remenising :)

Random shot of tyler, not at the park, looking very pensive and partially naked. Looks like Dad's house, i'd recognize that backdoor anywhere ;)

lily spent most of the day on the merry go round by herself, she didnt feel well, she's also getting near those moody pre-teen years! yikes!

My boys and their sports! I did beat Timothy at Horse, ha! boy was i surprised!

Zoo Day!!!

Doesnt matter how old you get, you are never too old for the zoo!! So we rounded up some friends and decided to take a little trip to the good old Potowatomi Zoo!
Tyler and JM looking at the lazy tiger :) Snack, are a staple when hanging out w/ these two, note the raisins in hand.

JM is so strong he is pulling Tyler in his wagon! Look at those muscles!

Tyler posing for me (impatiently) in front of the cool tractor! The boys went in to brush the goats, JM was like no way am i touching that! Tyler was all for it. Lucas wasnt afraid to touch the goats either :) good zoo day! JM had too much fun with the water fountain. Lily was so super excited to see these giant tortoises. They were pretty cool.

Picking Blueberries!

We took tim's 'neice' India up to Michigan for choir camp and on the way back we stopped and picked blueberries b/c we saw a sign and thought it would be fun. Timothy slept in the car, but me ty and lily had some blue-berry-pickin-fun :)

Those blueberries sure were tasty. and so very fun to pick. I couldnt get tyler to not put the red ones in the bucket :)

Some fun rides from the car, lily looking fab in her stunna glasses, timothy so tired.

Quote fun

I'd rather be anything than ordianary, please. ~Avril Lavigne

Why do you waste my time, is the question to the answer to the question on my mind. ~The Killers

What use to you is it what's on my mind. ~Avril Lavigne

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~Buddha

It's the world I know. ~ Collective Soul

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