Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is entertaining us lately

We are a family that likes to keep entertained, so I thought I would note on what we are watching, reading, playing etc.

For those of you who don't know me, I love, Love, LOVE to read. Its my little escape from, housework, kids, life. Lately, thanks mainly to Bo's wonderful recommendations, its been alot of fantasy, and/or young adult reading. Last night I started a little book, less than 300 pages-and so easy to read. Its a change from some of the books i've read recently that use big words or ones not so in fashion anymore, makes it slower for me to read.
The book is called 'the dream of the stone' and Christina Askounis had me captured after the first chapter. I'll have to let ya know how it goes.
I just finished Dramarama-which was a totally silly young adult book but I really enjoyed it. It was a real quick fun read. The inside cover reads:
Two theater mad, self invented, fabulosition Ohio teenagers,
one boy, one girl. One gay, one straight. One black, one white.
it goes on but you get the picture, it was fun.
Before that I read Interview with a Vampire, which was awesome-i'd seen the movie several times but had never read the book.
Dramarama and 'the dream of the stone' are both books I picked up from the Friends of the Library booksale, last time I went. I love the book sale, you can get so many books for so little money, like a $1. cant beat that, check it out!

Right now Tim and I are watching Rome season 1, recommended by my dad. He gave me season 2 to watch, so I got the first from Netflix. Usually i'm not into the historical war like shows, but Rome is pretty good, i'll probably watch some more after Tyler finishes his Gummybears show. Rome isnt so much kid friendly though lots of nudity and sex. Definitly HBO.
Dad also lent us Heroes which i absolutely loved, I finished the ones he let me borrow and watched all the others online w/ my Netflix, I can't wait for the next season! Hero is my hero! And I just love the name Peter Petrelli. Another one of those premium channel shows I got addicted to was Weeds! Mary-Louise Parker is amazing in the show-its just so insane funny!
I honestly don't watch alot of tv, I usually enjoy renting the whole season instead of tuning in each night-the kids have me on a crazy schedule.
We took all the kids (except Bo-we couldnt get him out of bed) to see Desperio at the dollar theater last weekend. It was cute. Ty isnt so good about sitting through the movies by the end when the candy and popcorn were gone, he kept asking when we were going home :)
I've seen alot of really good movies lately.
Saw Bridewars with Bex and Kasia a couple weeks ago-such a great girlfriend movie. I really love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.
Tim and I saw The Curious Life of Benjamin Button-amazing movie! I cried, at the end of coarse. Its like 3 hrs long. But so so good.
We've been playing alot of the Game of Life lately, the kids and I love that game, I usually win. Which I find totally funny, that I can figure it out in a game and not real life.
Scrabble is always on our current rotation of games, Lily and I play often, helps with her spelling. My smart little girl got all A's and 1 B+ on her report card this semester! Go lily!
Bo taught us to play Risk, not my favorite game b/c i'm not so great at it. Lots of dice rolling, but good times. Bo usually wins that.
We went bowling yesterday, all of us but Nadja, and Kristy and Lucas came too. It was fun. Tyler loves to Bowl! Lucas and Ty crack me up, silly little 2 yr olds, talk all day about hanging out with eachother and then when we get together they act like they dont know eachother. We had a good time, even though the bowling alley was super packed, and at Strikes and Spares the lanes are so close together, I like the older alleys better. But Strikes and Spares has $1 bowling on wednesdays so we try to take the kids. We have to take advantage of those type of things-since we have 7 people in our family. We took the kids to play miniture golf at Megaplay a couple weeks ago. It was fun. Tyler really like it. Its so great that he is getting older and can enjoy more family time stuff with us. We could do anything to persuade him to get into the bouncy castle or the ball pit though. The girls are too big to go in with him anymore and he just wont go alone. We were like almost the only ones at the place. We even did the jousting thing. It was too funny, I beat lily. That sweaty hat thing we put on our heads grossed me out, and the javel things were so heavy, the thing you stood on wobbled it was a work out. Jordan beat Tim, bad! he said he had a sore wrist, but when Jordan knocked him off he would like roll all the way off the bouncy matt and everything we were laughing so hard. I cant remember who won from Vanessa and Nadja, but it was a good time.

...a little side note, naps and i just don't get along. I took one today and I feel groggy the whole rest of the day. mom said i'd given them up at a young age, which she didnt care for because she is a napper. several of my friends are too. i'm just not.
I was semi productive today though, did the mountain of dishes in the sink, I fixed and put back together the desk we bought from a yardsale like a year ago, that was broken, we got some brackets for it. Yeah my dad taught me how to use a drill! I even used it to take apart Jordan's window the other day so that Tim could put in the new piece of glass. I'm not sure how the window ever got broken, but it was broke for a long time. I think it had a bb gun hole in it when we moved in and then just cracked from there. However Tim bought glass forever ago-like a year or something, and it got set behind the door in his room, and one night I was mad and yelling at the girls for not cleaning something up and I slammed the door shut, broke the glass. Sad The project really didnt take long to do, we are the ultimate procrasinaters. And now its warm in Jordans room, he is staying with us now, so its important, that he doesnt freeze. We are so super bad about winterizing the house, this old drafty house is just insane. I wont tell you how much our gas bill was last month, it will make me want to cry. I think i'm done rambling and since ty left i'm turning off the Gummy's and putting in Rome :)

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  1. ohhhh I love young adult books! They are just soo good! Its kinda funny that we still get into them! Eric likes Rome! I want to try watching Heroes because everyone loves it..I gave it a shot once before and didnt like it but Im gonna give it another try! Weeds is an amazing show and I am glad I gave it a second chance since you loved it! I have to see Bride Wars still as well as the Curious Life of Benjamin Buttons! That movie is just now coming out in Rome i guess...kinda behind here haha I love that mom in Weeds she reminds me of Loreli in Gilmore Girls the mom on there! Both amazing actresses! I love bowling! congrats on Lily and her grades! I like the game of life! Eric just taught me how to play Risk right before I left for Rome and I became obsessed with it!! I think I only beat him once so far but I beat him REAL well that time! ^_^ It takes too freaking long though!! I love that you guys go out as a family and do fun things together! I miss those days!