Friday, May 22, 2009

Some fun pics and updates of late April and early May :)

Ok it took me like over 2 weeks to finish this rediculously long update of what we've been doing. i really do need to do smaller ones more often. Have memorial day pics from my mom's and bex to upload still to come for those of you who havent gotten enough of me and my clan after this blog :)
i'm going to bed so i can get up at a decent time tomorrow and pickel and jam w/ Rachel and Bex-i'm looking forward to it after this crazy long day!
Today was Nadja's b-day we got up at 7. Went to Sprint to get the new Palm Pri's (i'm sure i spelled it wrong) tim got 2 of the 5 that they got in the store today , one for Nadja's b-day and one for me, not only b/c i need one but b/c he owes me for some missed b-dya & such stuff.
I'm excited to finally be back in the world of cell phones-it does feel alien to me, but i'm adapting well....the phone is a little hard to get use to but i'll be ok ;) My new # is 485-3034 so you can now reach me anytime, unless i dont want to talk to you or i'm busy then you have to leave me a message, ha! I did like not having a cell and being unavailable at times...but it will be convient to have my own :) call me and text me often b/c i love you guys! hope you enjoy my blog and my cute kid pictures!!!

Easter weekend Ty Lily and I stayed with John and Kasia in Fort Wayne-its my favorite place to escape to :) They are the best brother and sister I could have ever wished for :) We cooked holiday foods on Sunday but Saturday Kasia made these wicked good turkey olive burgers!!!! My non cooking sister in law made what is now like my favorite food!!! not only do they taste fabulous-but they look pretty fancy!!! Healthier than your average burger, and my kids will eat them too! Mmmm...sounds good right now..... On Easter after stuffing ourselves (well we did that really all weekend) and after a mini easter egg apartment hunt, we went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D-it was a pretty good movie!! I love movies in 3D-things just jump out at ya!! and i look pretty hot in those 3D Buddy Holly looking glasses!! ha!

Some smooshed pics of me and the kids and Kasia.
I think Ty took the one of K & I pictures from down low not so flattering....

Lily and Kasia and I all straightened our hair to to to the desert! Kasia and I dont look like we are dressed to go to the desert-we had to take some layers off when we got to that part. We went to the Botanical Gardens-downtown Ft. Wayne. Bigger than the ones here in SB-but pretty much the same idea...they did however have a game of clue going on in the botanical room-a little murder mystery mixed w/ plants!! I dont think we ever figured out who did it!!

Another food pic just incase any one really wants to know what I eat!!! ha! Before flora and fauna (those are both plants right?) we stopped at Baan Thai, yummy food...i dont however recomend the coconut milk-wasnt that what it was John. Ty just had to try it! gross-no one at the table would drink was weird.... I just loved the little mushroom that came in my meal!!!

A staged photo of my cute kids peeking out of the fake tree they had at the begining of the Greenhouse...looks like they are in a box...... oh maybe not you can see the chair in the back ground...unless its a box w/ a chair in it....that would be cool..... we use to love those refridgarator boxes when we were love boxes :)

Lily writing down her clues on the couch in the living room of the fake clue set they had set up in the middle of the first room we went into
- you could even walk behind the walls and look out of fireplaces and the eyes that were cut out of paintings!!! pretty fun. hidden tunnels and such.

I dont remember what this tree was called...but it was very pretty! All these yellow flowers just hanging upside neat! I actually have one of these plants at home, that I got from my mother :) Not sure if its one of the ones she got when Sweeney's closed down or from Florida, but i'm thinking that its been around awhile-but not as big as this one at the gardens!!

Tyler checking out the cool waterfall in the tropical dome :)

Tyler coming out of the worm tunnel :)

This plant/or tree was pretty neat-it didnt need to be planted in the ground to live. It was planted in metal! weird huh!?

Its hard to see but those are tons of rail road nails!!

I really liked this neat tree in the desert...kinda looks like it is attacking Tyler! watch out baby!!!

A good pic of both my kids looking at the camera! ah the day was a success!!! They look happy to be in the desert!! Lily look so much older with her hair straight-or maybe she looks older b/c she is getting so tall!!! I think she will eventually pass me up in height!

A sleepy (or maybe annoyed) Pheobe in the laundry basket-dont worry Kash-i made sure there were no underwear to be seen before I posted this pic! Lily must've taken this pic of Pheobe :) Oreo hid from us the whole weekend....poor thing is afraid of my LOUD kids! Since we have no animals (just snappy the turtle-so no furry animals) my kids get excited to see the cats ;)

Here is a big old picture of my big ol burrito from El Paraiso. Tim and I had been talking about trying them forever!!! and J&K said it was good. Finally Tim, Ty and I tried it and loved it....very resonable on the prices and as you can see LOTS of food...and yeah that is a big ol piece of melted cheese on my burrito!!!!! Yum!
Below some pictures of my Ty in is cute little coat that wont fit him much longer-we'll have to pass it on to JM :) Apparently this pic is from when it was still a little chilly out...after todays heat its hard to believe that was not to long ago!! I had to take a ton of pics to get a few where he wasnt making crazy faces or sidways or something...ha.

Tyler was playing w/ the pen in the car, ya know you have to find activities to keep the kiddo's busy while your driving, and some how he ended up w/ a funny little mustach!!

Lily and the dessert plate at Applebee's!!!! She looks exhausted after eating that entire dessert. Ok maybe she had a little help. Ah! I remember it was very tasty. Tim was on the phone and not listening to me, I ordered dessert, he was concerned it wouldn't be what he would want to eat....ha-a dessert tim wasn't interested in ! As you can see we devoured it! It was tasty!!

Then we went golfing at Mega Play-the course isnt anything special but its in doors-and perfect for the winter time!!! Tyler loves to golf-tim loves to show Tyler how to hold his club-Tyler still loves to use the club backwards and have his hands upsidedown! But he's getting pretty good at it-watch out Tiger Woods!!
Lily loves turtles-even wooden ones that are missing part of their tales! This one is much bigger than our Snappy- 1000 X bigger!!! and Snappy is also not blue or green, kinda a black slimy little guy.

This is Tim's son for sure.....eating cereal in the car an hour after eating dinner!!! Cant get enough of those sweets!

Below my hoodlum children, Tim said it looked like Ty and Jordan were scoping out the place...and as soon as I got my camera out-Ty laid on the floor. The dirty floor of Meijer! Yuck! They were scoping out the key section of Meijer.

Some pics of Lily Ty and Tim coloring eggs...we actually cooked them in Fort Wayne and then didnt color them. So i brought the boiled eggs back to SB and they sat in my fridge for several days before we colored them. Gross.... but they didnt smell...but i wouldnt let Tim eat them! He's crazy!!!!

Lily and Tyler showing off their eggs. Holidays are so much more fun now w/ Tyler b/c now he actaually can participate in so much more and will remember what is going on later.
Here they are actually holding the eggs I made w/ their names on them :)

Lily got dressed up for a school field trip. They went to Amish Acres to see a play and for lunch. She had a good time! It was cute, they said they had to dress up and have their best table manners-like no elbows on the table....i dont know about anyone else but elbows on tables do offend me...eating w/ your that might!

From beauty to is a shot of Lucas w/ his gun!!! Nerf of coarse. We went to a very fun BBQ at Kristy's parents house. Fred and Cory. We ate, the kids and Kristy rolled around in this giant blow up ball you get inside of out back. Lola was blowing kisses at everyone. It was a good time :) For some reason I don't have a pic of the the little cutie-Lola, she's so little I don't want to blind her w/ my flash...but lots of pics of the rowdy boys!

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what ya gunna do when they come for you.......

We went to Soccer Zone in Granger. They have a bouncy play area for the kids. No one was there but Kristy and Me and Ty and Lucas. Ty was scared at first but then we couldn't get the boys off of the toys. They had jumpy castles and slides. It was pretty fun and quite a work out for the adults-I was sweaty after jumping for so long!

A funny shot of Tyler and Kristy on the slide!!!! It really was alot of fun. For some reason it didn't turn sideways and i'm too lazy at the moment so everyone just tilt your head to the left for a second :)

Tyler and I walked over to Lilys school for Boys and Girls Club they had an Easter Egg Hunt....those little dots everywhere are hundreds and hundreds of easter eggs w/ candy...for a week after everytime we went to pic up Lily Tyler was like "where are the Easter eggs?" He expected egss and candy every time we went!!

I love this old tree at lilys school-the roots are exposed and it just looks so cool :)

The kids waiting in line to run out and look for eggs!!! They had the hunt the same day that they went to Amish Acres, which is why everyone is all dressed up. Well the 3rd graders my daughter will be a 4th grader next year!!! more than half way through grade school!!!!

Lily, Tyler and Lyndsie hunting for eggs.

Lyndsie is Lily's BFF.
They are taking inventory of their candy-and returning the eggs for use next year :) Recycle!

On our walk home-i took some pics of our neighbor hood.....i love our neighborhood. I love, Love, LOVE, this tree...our next door neighbor also has one and they are sooo pretty...I love how April brought so many pretty blossoms on the trees...and Lilacs, my favorite, Lilacs :)

The people down the street from us have this really cool drive way w/ these old bricks! It is so awesome!! It says Nelsonville Block, and BARR....

Some pictures of my daffodils-they come up every year-i didnt plant them they just come some one had planted them before we moved in and i'm glad they come back every year. So do the Lily of the valley and the tulips :)

This is a picture of my favorite tree.. I did try to rotate this one and my Picasa is acting really rude, and i couldnt and i dont want to spent too much time dealing with it b/c really my computer is so slow that it takes long enough just to pic pictures on just this once more rotate your heads to the left to get the full effect :) Angie i know your excited that this is an interactive blog!!! ha! Anyway back to my point my fav. tree, that hangs over my drive way and has this metal wire hanging from it and drops tons and tons of leaves in my drive way in the fall, and so Brian tells me is the reason I have big ol black ants in my kitchen sometimes....that and the food always dropped on the floor from messy kids! But I really do love this big old beautiful tree!

I took a picture of our fence that fell down again!!! We finally fixed it (well our handy-man-son Jordan did) Tim and i held the fence mainly...well i did use the drill some, its fun!!! It is so old and i know we annoyed all our neighbors b/c it was down so long. We are so lazy it took like 15 min. and a $5-$10 post from Menards to finish this project....ha! All the neighbors could see in our junky pool w/ the falling ripped liner....we are definitly the most ghetto neighbors on the block!

Tim and Tyler eating at FlatTop in FW before we went and saw Coraline in 3D! Yum i love that place, i think we need on in The Bend! Ty was trying to use his chop sticks!
A pic of the group in front of the theater wearing their cool 3D glasses!

A pic of me and my little cheese ball!!!

Lily had her two BFF's stay the night and they played dress up which always starts out as a good idea and ends in a mess and me being exhausted...but i try to be a fun mom once in awhile...

Hannah Lyndsie and Lily Tyler had to get in on one of the pics!

These two pics are from the night Lily and i got our hair done by Jen and then went to Papa Vino's w/ B and K and saw 2 movies Shopaholic and He's Just not that into you...I saw it 3 times...once w/ Bex, Kasia, and Bev, once w/ Tim and once w/ Ana, good movie ha!

Lucas and Ty cleaning teeth at the Childrens Museum downtown. I think i'm going backwards time wise w/ the pictures now b/c I hadn't downloaded any for quite awhile, so bear with me, i'm not sure when this was but not too long ago.
Tyler really loves to clean his own teeth so someone else's that's even cooler!! ha-maybe he'll be a dentist!

Lily and i finally started our scrapbooks from poland from when we went like 5 years ago-and tyler was getting board w/ us and decided to decorate himself w/ foam sticky stars!!! funny little dude!!! Lily and I still havent finished those books....ha we are so good at starting projects and not finishing them!!! lazy desease...her dollhouse is another project to get back to this summer too!

awww look at this little sweet heart. cant hardly say no to a face like that.

Me Ana and Trisha-i can tell from all the GREEN! ha
wow ok these are totally from the DSTB Tent Party back in March.
pics you take yourself are the best, guess which was the before drinks and the after drinks pic! ha. A very fun night-Stillshot played.
It was just sooo insane packed in there!! Kinda like that backer on a football weekend! love that pic of me and my bff.
Ty and Lily at the New Potowatomi Park
we went with my dad, and my brother JM, and Bev....still chilly out then!

Shortly after the Potowatomi park we must've went to Central Park w/ Kristy, Lucas and Chris-and Lola-even though she's not yet big enough to play around...i say must've b/c its been awhile and its just what was on the camera after the last park trip. Tyler is so excited about this outside stuff! after all winter of staying in doors!! w/ sporatic buddle up trips in the snow.

A cute pic of Jordan and Tim helping Ty shoot some hoops-he has his own shorter one inside but the big boy one w/ daddy and Jordan is always funner.....i sure cant lift him that high, kid weighs 35 lbs! This was back before the hoop got broken, by the boys but it was rusty, think we need a new one :)

Was looking through pics trying to find one from Brian's b-day i took some but didn't really get any good ones and was pretty sure someone sent me one but cant find it-i did find a good one of B, K, and me from Bex's B-day, a throwback to Feb.!!

ah after a little thought and some searching through e-mails i found them-kasia sent them to me :)

Kasia, Me and Bex at CJ's for Brian's B-day :) Yummy burgers and good friends :)

also found this pic from like November I think that she sent me of the day we went for icecream, tyler just had to have blue icecream and then didnt like it!!! on the way out we saw this frozen shopping cart-the whole town had frozen trees it was pretty cool!!!!

Lucas and Tyler on the swings. Kristy, Chris, Lucas, and Lola came over one day and we walked to the park :) The boys loved the waterfall :)

A cute little pic of Tyler and Annika(Nadja and Jordans little sister) Ty loves it when she comes over to play :)

Tyler looking cool w/ his ripped jeans and my big black boots!
Ty loves to dump out all the lego's and leave them there so i step on them!! These are ancient legos-back from when John and I were little! I love legos!

We went to 5 guys and they have like 5 things on the menu, burgers, hot dogs, ff, drinks.... It was really good-apparently they are a big deal on the east coast. We enjoyed it :) Tyler couldnt figure out what was wrong w/ his hot dog! :) he kept asking why it looked like that! they split it open and cooked it on the grill... i couldnt get over how many people where there-and they had tons of employees behind the counter-they were really quick and efficient!

Tyler enjoying his hot dog, must taste good even if it looks funny! Yikes! Tim needs to shave!

Everyone enjoyed their food. Ha this is ty's Popeye face!
Then we went golfing!!! we do that alot-tyler and tim love it!!

I love that tree!!

I had the honor of witnessing and documenting Angies very long hair cut. Conner shaved her head for her, it took like 2 hrs! And turned out very cute! i know i couldn't pull it off :)

This is before Angie!!! Conor brought out his naked man statue so angie had something to look at for the duration!

I took like 100 pics of angie and she was smiling in almost all of them :)
She's been wanting to have her head shaved for quite awhile :)

Angie was absolutely covered in hair!!!! it was everwhere!!! Worked well for this artsy shot :)

Angie and Connor the barber!

Angie after a shower and change of clothes!! Looks Great!!! love the earrings!

It was a fun day we did some shopping and running around after the hair cut and went to a party for Angie at her mom's house....their was Apples to Apples!!!!!! love it! and ladder ball!!!
good times!!

The kids and Tim and I took a walk to Monkey Island (the coolest park in Mishawaka-well one of them....its on an island!!!) and this goose was totally not obeying the No tresspassing sign!!! and looking kinda mean -hum maybe it was his sign?!

This is the bridge to Monkey Island-i totally want one in my yard!

Tim making me nervous w/ Ty on the bridge.

funny i took these two at like the same time and the bridge looks a completely different color
We try to get to the park w/ Lucas at least once a week now that its nice out. here are some fun pics of the boys at Kids kingdom!

Ha this picture actually looks like they are playing nice-but they are 2 and dont share so like 2 seconds later they were pushing and yelling! ha!
i love kids kingdome, i want to go when its not busy and take a million pictures of someone (preferably a female) in a huge puffy girly dress! i'll have to do this sometime w/ Lily-its been on my to do list forever!
Oh Angie you should do it! that would be so fun!!!

Someone put random grafiti all over the park of things from Ninetendo-reminded me of my brother!

This one is right at the entrance to the park-and i dont have a clue what it means-kinda neat though

Nadja in second place behind her friend at the track meet.
Tim w/ Tyler and Annika at Nadja's track meet! Funny to see Annika w/ Tim she use to be afraid of him :)

Lilys silly face...................................and Rasta Ty :)

On Mothers Day Bex and I drove down to meet John Kasia and Kasia's parents (here from Poland!) for Kasia's graduation in Indy. She got her Masters degree from IUPUI for library science!! Congrats Kasia!!!!
The ceremony was huge!!! They did have seperate rooms afterwards for the specific departments, and that was nicer, even if Kasia did have to get up and give a little speech-i hate that too!!! i know she's was excited to finally be done-and glad for her parents to see her walk for graduation!!!
You worked long and hard for it girl!!! I have a few pics from that very fun weekend w/ them, ones i cant take credit for though-Bex and John took them :)

i love this one of her looking back A great one of her and her parents!

Kasia glad its finally over~ and excited to get rid of the horribly uncomfortable gown she had to wear :)

After the ceremony we went to The Melting Pot, super yummy fondue-it was a good time!!!! We were there late though and drove back to FW from Indy to hang out the next day. I dont have any pics from Fondu, i was super slacking w/ the pics that weekend for some reason : (
I do have one of Kasia here eating sugar cream pie some little town in Indiana that we drove to sunday-it is our offical state pie-i had it also and it was pretty tasty :)

This is me and one of my dearest friends Liz :) we had lunch at Uptown Kitchen (one of my favorites!) with Ty and her boyfriend John. I was really excited to see Liz i havent seen her in forever!!!!! She lives in California now. And i finally got to meet her guy Jon who is really nice. She seems really happy and i'm very happy for her :) I'd forgotten how bubbly and happy liz is and it was just exciting to be around her and feel that energy :) Miss you Lizzie!!

tim and i ate at the Gyros place and i couldnt help taking a picture of this woman they had on the poster! she is super excited about that Gyro!!
Reminds me of a beer add or something like that!

Tyler and Tim golfing-their favorite pasttime- i have a million golf pics we do it often-i wont share them all but these two were super cute even if i couldnt get this one to turn-sometimes my computer really irks me!!
my little man sure does love his golf :)

Ty at the pizza place making pizza w/ his dough :)
he loves to roll pizza out. just like his daddy!!!

One of the very cool things we got to do this month was have one of my favorite holidays!! Thanksgiving! yep we did!! We cooked a turkey and ham and all that other stuff we cook during american holidays at my house. So that Kasia's parents could experience what us Americans do best, EAT! ha! It was a great time. Kasia and her parents came and my brother of coarse. My dad came w/ Bev and JM :) Ana banana was here. And Bex and Brian even came. It was great to have so many of my friends and family here too eat ;) May was full of family and freind time! it was great!!!! i have a couple random pics from the Thanksgiving in May celebration at my house :) ha i'm sure everyone will llove me for the picture of them all eating!!

i love this one of tim and JM!!

my mother brought back seashell necklaces from Hawaii as gifts, and tyler put them all on !!! it was so funny! this pic should be next to his rasta pic!!! little cutie!

this one of ty and nan is precious!!!! he missed his nana!!

This was so hilarous!!! me lily and Nan played Scrabble and this really was her letters. it says Home I Nana! Crazy! And lily won the game!!! she's been practicing on the DS w/ the game john gave her :)
its so funny that ty got on the lawn mower! he's so afraid of it! but it wasnt on! my big boy :) Lily spent the night w/ nan and got to mow the yard!
so fun.
i'm glad she got to spend some time w/ her nan! i know she misses her!

Lily wanted my mom to come over and make cookies w/ her cookie cutters.

The kids had a great time. Tyler loves to use the rolling pin

I made this cookie for Tyler, it says his name on it~

Jordan made cookies w/ us too. funny to have him w/ us b/c its usually just the girls. he made alot of J cookies!

here are a couple of pics of Tyler with his mitt and ball that his dad bought him so they could play catch-he loves it!

Nan went golfing w/ us. I'm really glad we got to spend alot of time with her while they were here! She hadnt been since before i was born but did a pretty good job :) We've been going to Nicks in Elkhart alot, its more fun than the putt-putt in Mishawaka, it has a waterfall-its not working but it has one!

the kids having some fun at the golf coarse.
karate kid lily!

A nice one of my love
he loves to golf.
usually him or jordan wins.

Some fun things I did recently I dont have pictures of :)

Gone to the Farmers Market several times....I just love it there....even if I dont buy anything, just the smell and all the people and the stands with all the food and flowers....I dont get to go every weekend but went about a month ago w/ Rachel and Bex early and ate at the restraunt love the food. Ty and I went before that and had a yummy turkey dinner complete w/ pumpkin pie-just love that down home cooking! Makes me miss Aunt Karens...i may have to go to Shipshewana to find her...loved that soup!! Went one day and got lilacs-my fav. flower-they just smell so go and they happen to be my fav. color!!! Got some herbs too-but they are slowly dying b/c i'm no keeping them watered enough! Went just this last weekend w/ Jen and Bex and since it was the holiday weekend it was insane busy!!!! we tried to eat at the restruant but there were litterally 20 people waiting inside for people to finish eating so they could sit-so we opted for LePeep-which I love!!! yum! i'm hungry....
Love the polish stand w/ all the cookies and treats, gotta stay away from them or i'll never loose weight.....fruits and veggies for me!
I got these wild mushrooms that looked soooo cool but just taste to earthy for my taste when i cooked them, : ( bummer.
I cant go anywhere lately with out tyler striking up a conversation with random people. Especially at the grocery store! Wants to know everyone's name and what they are doing... my little social fella. He gets mad if people don't hear him and talk to him. He also doesn't like it when little kids stare at him. He always asks "mom why are they looking at me" I'm like well maybe they like your shirt"

We tried the new Red Robin restaurant that opened on Main St. Was pretty good, super busy when we went. We were impressed w/ the t.v.'s in the floor that you could walk over in the waiting area!!


"the more I know, the less i understand and the things I though I had figured out, I had to learn again" -India Arie, Heart of the Matter........Loved it in Sex and the City movie!

"i have 3 kids so that means short term memory loss" -Stephenie Meyer

"Even the best fall down sometimes, even the stars refuse to shine" You and I by Lifehouse

"Be happy for this moment...this moment is your life" (seafoam for angie)

"My kitchen says my bread is molded" -Better Days by Citizen King

"Pictures of you, pictures of me Hung up on your wall for the world to see Pictures of you, pictures of me Reminds us all of what we use to be" song by The Last Goodnight - Featured in the movie Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Angie reminded me of this one from Hard Love :)
"Everybody just hears poetry the way they want to, the way it fits them best."

"life is too short so love the one you got" Sublime

Loving this new Nickelback song!! I love them :) And was trying to think of which part of it i wanted to quote the most-and couldnt really decide....I am planning to make this my new anthem-ok maybe not all of it-but its good to remind ourselves of this stuff once in awhile!
If today was your last day
"...each day's a gift and not a given right
leave no stone unturned,
leave your fears behind
and try to take the path less traveled by
that first step you take is the longest stride.
If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you have?
If today was your last day
Would you call old friends you never see?
Reminisce of memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?
Swear up and down to God above
that you finally fall in love
If today was your last day
Against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the prize is always worth the fight
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try
So live like you'll never live it twice
Don't take the free ride in your own life
If today was your last day
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
You know its never too late to shoot for the stars
regardless of who you are, so do whatever it takes.
Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothin' stand in your way
cause the hands of time are never on your side"

aND nOW fOR sOME know it wouldn't be a Sonja Blog w/ out some randomness........

(yeah that is me spelled backwards, my friend Kenny did that and i think its fun..)

Kasia introduced us to this awesome game over Easter weekend called Squint!!!

Its so fun and easy for the kids too, you have to try to make pictures with all those weird shapes they give you....kinda like pictionary but w/ cards! Angie you'd love it!

We are also still enjoying Blockus and playing alot of Scrabble here too, boardgame and on the DS!!
Despite the warning!!
Lilys Nintendo DS says at the begining...something to the effect the health and safety warning before playing.....yikes....add that to the list of applicance not to hang out with....along w/ the cell phone and microwave!!!!

Some Kid updates:
Nadja did very well this year on the track team, we went to several of her meets.
She also did a great job w/ her clarinet this year.
if we could only get her to not be texting on her cell 24/7, ha...typical teen! She's growing so fast on us-her dad doesnt like how much makeup she's wearing these days but kids will be kids.
Jordan successfully finished his freshman year at Mishawaka High, he's taking history in summer school to get it out of the way for next year, but is looking forward to a trip to Canada w/ his grampa this summer afterwards :) He's a great kid and has his head on straight there are just too many distractions out there to lead us all from the right path. Its been nice having him stay with us, and seeing him more, especially w/ Bo gone. He's a great help with the kids and chores ;)
Bo is living at his buddy Jonah's and isnt having any success finding a job since Tim wont let him work for him anymore. Is going to take his driving test soon....although he was scaring me a little when we were practicing the other day-i think he'll do ok. about time he is 19 now! I do miss him sometimes. He stayed over last night, him and i have alot in common, movies, books board games. we are a gaming family. He's friends w/ a nice girl named Ana, just friends, but seems to be good for him :)
Tyler, my little tater tot, a.k.a Pettie! ha...i like to call him that. I spend more time w/ him than any of the kids right now....and he's the cutest sweetest little thing. we all just love him so much!
he is such a character, as i'm sure you can tell from pictures,he keeps us entertained. He's so darn smart....scary to have him w/ his complete sentences and constant streem of questions.
He can do all of his ABC's and count to 10 before he starts in on eleventeen!! ha...
it just amazes me how much he understands what is going on little cookie!
Ms. Lily is doing great in school, her math grade slipped a little but they started division John got her a math game for her DS, hopefully that will help. She is a great big help with Tyler when i need a break, he just loves her and she likes to be w/ him also. She is very artsy.-she even had a couple of her pics up at the public library from school :) She is just getting so big i cant believe it, she will be 10 in august!!! wow and i will be 30 this winter! yikes! She also got perfect attendance this year at school-alot of that had to do w/ me not working nights i'm sure ;)

Movies I saw lately.....
In Theater:
Hannah Montana w/ Nadja and Lily-very cute, I almost cried!
17 Again....very funny and I have a thing for Zack A, especially w/ no shirt on!! Hey he's legal!
Star Trek-was better than I thought it would be they did like Star Wars where they went back and showed us some before stuff, like when they were all just getting out of Star Fleet Academy-and the guy who played Spock is the guy who plays Sylar on Heroes-love it!
Soloist-with Jaime Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. very very good movie, tim and i loved it.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past w/ Timothy-very good, i love the cast in it.
Night at the Museum 2-we saw it at Wonderland Theater in Niles-which was neat and old and looks like it use to be a warehouse or something-and was so much cheaper than SB-so crowded we went on Memorial Day. They have an awesome park outside the theater also-with really big biggest i've seen other than at the water park. one twisty slide w/ two the normal size put together!! i like seeing people from The Office in lots of movies lately...the black guy from the doc was in it-playing one of the first black pilots! and the chick that plays Kelly was this ditzy tour guide! I love Amy Fisher-she plays Amelia Ernhart.

Via Netflix:

Repo! The Genetic Opera-Bo's suggestion, its very Gothic dark, which i enjoy, and I did enjoy this one despite how it was singing ALL THE TIME, which tends to annoy me, and it was pretty damn gruesome!!!! Didn't like how it ended really-very comic book like also but it was based on one. Paris Hilton was in it too and not blond, but definitely self centered. .

Feirce People- Tim had me get this one he caught part of it on tv. It was really good. Kristen stweart was in it also, she was part of a really rich family that owned like 100 achers and several houses on the land the whole family lived in. A boy her age comes w/ his recovering from drugs mother to be the grandfathers massues, and they get tangled in the web of rich peoples lives. It was pretty crazy at the end but a really good movie, i enjoyed it! reminds me of some of the movies lizzie and i use to watch on our movie/dinner nights together :) boy do i miss those!

Doubt-This was not a movie i would've rented despite the awards it won and my liking of Amy Adams. i'm not a huge fan of meril streep or philip seymore hoffman, but it was a really great movie! i loved the setting, it was filmed in the bronx, and just beautifully filmed. a very powerful performance by all 3 actors. i'm glad tim rented it!
Speak-has kristen stewart in it-back in 2004-she looks young. she plays a teen who goes through something traumatic and become selectively mute. I really enjoyed it :)
Everything is Illuminated
-kasia recommended this one and i really like it, Elijah wood is kinda creepy in general but i liked it. I loved how the one guy kept saying 'premium'! and the house in the middle of the sunflower field.

Slumdog Millionaire-was sooo goood...i loved it, so original, and just crazy!

The Spirit-Very much filmed like Sin City. Huge cast of people, very good, i enjoyed it! Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlette J., Eva Mendez, and more...

Into The Wild-I rented this one despite the fact that I never before had any desire to see it b/c in Twilight the Directors Notebook , Catheryn mentions that Kristen Stewart was filming this movie when she did her try out for Bella in Twilight! And I really like Kristen even before Twilight and so i thought ok, i'll give it a chance.. ok first of all i have to say Kirsten is only in it for like 15-20 minutes towards the end of the movie. She did a great job-she played a great role!!
The movie reminded me alot of my ex boyfriend before tim, the kid decideds to be a vegabond, and travel and that he doesnt need money and after graduation from college just dissapears off the grid, and eventually ends up in the canadian wilderness. Its good and i enjoyed it but didnt care for the end. Its based on a true story also.
The last movie i'd seen Kristen in was Caker Eaters which was pretty crazy. She did a great job she played a girl that had MS, which had to be hard to play b/c it was lot of walking with great effort. the movie was very sexual though. I enjoyed it but a little odd.
The Lazarus Project-was good, had Paul Walker-the hottie from Fast and the Furious in was totally different from that, he played a convict who was sent to death row and ends up waking up from that working as a grounds keeper at a mental institue, as some form of government rehabilitation project-but wont forget about his wife and daughter so they make him think he is crazy-its pretty good :)
Started Ms. Pettigrove lives for a day last night-might finish it tonight if I dont fall out right away-i'm so tired, it was a long day-but wanted to finish this blog already-this rediculously long blog! before i went to FW. I have a ton more fun pics and stuff to share from Memorial day weekend, but that will be a different blog :0) anyway i'm enjoying Pettigrove, its a cute movieS.
Jordan got me to watch Anchorman with him-Will Ferrill, i like Will but i dont like all his stuff...dont get me wrong it was pretty funny-at parts and had Christina Applegate in it who i like but overall not one of my favorites.
Borrowed Dark City from my dad-and finally watched that-i liked it very Sci-Fi, aliens take over, dark like Sin City was.
Blades of Glory-I watched it with Jordan-I had never seen it-it was pretty funny! i was tickled to see Pam from the office in it.
Watched 13 going on 30 w/ the girls a couple nights ago-i love that movie its so fun! i've seen it several times :)
I dont watch Tv too often but lily loves Iron Chef and Chooped and Charm City Cakes. we love to watch our cooking shows together! And i love Bobby Flay and this throw down show!!! other than that I dont watch much tv-i cant ever try to get to the tv for a sertain time, it just doesnt work out. i missed the MTV awards and am bummed, but i'm sure they will replay again and again. I find myself watching Disney channel or nickelodeon too often w/ the kids-guess it will keep the kid in me :)
Caught up recently on my Desperate Housewives and all the drama that is going on this season with them, Love DHW! That Gabby is just so funny!!!!
WAtched all of Weeds Season 4-and just love Mary-Louise Parker-she's an awesome Nancy Botwin-nancy is a bad ass!!! and one hot momma!!! Hunter Parrish who plays Silas-is becoming quite the little hottie!! I love the character Andy-he's so funny!!! i love the theme song for this show....little boxes on the hilltop....little boxes made of ticky tacky....
Caught up w/ this season of the Office with John and Kasia-and havent seen the most recent episodes. I just cant get enough of Steve Carrell and his shananagins!!! I dont like the idea of him starting his own paper company though - interested in seeing where there going w/ that. So glad that Jim and Pam are together :) and just gotta love Dwight! in all his weirdness!
Will be working on this season of Heroes next!!! so much to entertain so little time to enjoy! ha!

Music that has me groving lately..... b/c Lizzie asked me and i drew a blank!!!

I'm really loving me some MUSE lately, and its got me listening to Portishead again! I love Portishead! love supermassive blackhole-it was in Twilight-also love Falling away w/ you-Muse!
Kelly Clarkson-I don't Hook up
3oh!3-Don't trust me
Jaime Foxx w/ T. Pain-Blame it
Poker Face-Lady Gaga, ty is lovin this one!
Kid Cudi-Day and Night!!
Flo Rida-Right Round...tim says this one is about strippers....but i like the beat!!
Brittney Spears-If you seek amy, tyler is always saying "love me hate me"...
Kanye West-Heartless
Been loving Taylor Swifts love song for awhile now.

Some old stuff on my playlist:
All American Rejects-my favorite song by them is It Ends Tonight!!! Which totally reminds me of Smallville b/c they used it in an episode-b/c they always have good hip music on the show!!! and I was watching the video and the lead singer Tyson is soooo hot! when looking for a pic i came across this one that compairs him to Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent on Smallville!!! Maybe that is why i think he's so hot!!!!! b/c i love Tom!!! Ladies I made this picture super big just for you-it may have to be my new Wallpaper..on the computer, not the bedroom-tim likes smallville and all but not sure he'd appriciate hundreds of pics of the guys all over.....

Fall out boy-sugar we are going down-cant hear this with out thinking of our Stillshot Groupie days
The Killers-Sams town album!
Bare Naked Ladies-If I had aMillion dollars!!!.....i'd be rich.
Portis head-Wandering Star, It could be sweet, Glory box, Sour Times.....reminds me of hanging out w/ Ryan and Kristy way back in the day!
Nickel back-Rockstar
Red Hot Chili them!!
Some Dixie Chicks-Not ready to make nice is one of my favorites, and the remake of Landslide-I know Dave doesnt approve of my liking of Dixie Chicks-but he can suck it!
Counting Crows-Hard Candy album!
Goo Goo Dolls! old stuff Babys Black Baloon is my fav!!
Scars by Papa Roach-one of my all time favorites! Saw them twice in concert!! Jakobi is so hot!
Oasis-which reminds me of hanging out w/ the Colorado Steakhouse croud, Jill, Domer, Clint...and Karioki night!
anything Kanye-fav. is All Falls Down
Maroon 5!
One Thing by Finger 11
Days go by by Dirty Vegas
STP-jordans been listening to them lately, brings back some good memories
Sublime-reminds me of being w/ ana and Randy Main
tried to find some WideSpread Panic-but only found a song or two i remembered-Ry had an album I loved!
Feel good Inc by Gorillaz reminds me of staying weekends at Kristy's house~

Song I heard the other day that I cant get out of my head.
Peaches by Pres. O f the US of A!
Movin to the country gunna eat me alot of peaches.....
peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man...(i know you guys know this one...sing w/ me) a factory downtown!!!!
Halo by Bionce-which i dont care to much for but its catchy...

What i'm reading!!!
Sonja loves to read - in case you didn't know!!!! I'm on if your more interested in what i have read or am reading :) i have this huge list of books on my to read list!!!!!
At the moment i'm trying to find time to devour Fragile Eternity! Its the 3rd book of Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series...its modern faerie, and i love it!!! Havent been able to read as much as I'd like b/c so much going on this month-but fun stuff so its ok :) Just finished the 3rd Edge book by Riddell and Stewart, good fun adventure, and awesome graphics through out the book.
I am also working on You Are What You Eat, it is really good, it says alot of what I already know and it also let me know things I didnt eating certain foods w/ certain foods or alone makes a difference on weather or not they are actually helping you out. I'm trying to apply some of the things in the book to my eating habbits b/c i really truely do want to be healthy, but sometimes just cant be, especially hard during holidays, and cook outs...but i do notice the difference when i do eat good foods and do my yoga...i'm slowly working towards a happier healthier sonja :)
Dingo by DelLint-looking forward to more of his stuff!!!
Twilight Directors Notebook by Catherine Hardwick-she has the coolest job ever the book was so neat-tons of pictures and scribbles it was quick and fun to read :)
I discovered she also directed Thirteen which i loved, and Dog Town which i havent seen yet. She also was production designer for Tank Girl, and Vanilla Sky!! She's bad ass in my opinion!
Books sitting on my shelf to read:

Enchantress from the Stars (borrowed from Bo)

Princess Academy-got it for 50 cents at the resale shop :) cant pass up a bargain book!!

Miles to Go by Miley Cyrus-got it for lily for Easter-looks very cute!

The Uglies, In Tallys world, your 16th b-day brings an operation that turns you from a repellent ugly into a stunningly attactive pretty and catapults you into a hightech paradise where your only job is to have a really great time....she eventually learns after her friend runs away and doesnt want to be a Pretty that there is an ugly side to the prettys!!!

Keeping Life Simple-one of my goals :) I like an occasional self help-positive book

Barack Obama, Dreams from my father
J&K both liked it and K bought it for me-cant wait to read it. Did you guys know he won a grammy for his book on tape copy of it!!! he has 2 grammys our president! cool huh?!

Cathy's Key if found call (650)266-8202-which is the squill to Cathy's Book if found call (another number is given here) i dont have the book and couldnt find it at the new Barnes and Noble. I went with Bex and Rachel (i love B&N, its huge and full of books) and the staff seemed so confused and couldnt figure out the name of the first book-and/or if they had it, so i had to figure it out when i got i have to go buy Cathy's Book before i read this one...but it looks good, its about Cathy(obviously) who's boyfreind is immortal, and apparently someone steals her life, looking forward to it. love the cover of the book :)

Also very much looking forward to The Well Dressed Ape. Was in the Archeology section which scared me a little but its about why humans act the way they do...

wow i could just sit and read....need somewhere quite....Bex i'm going to just come sit on your nice quiet dock and was so peaceful up there on Monday. perfect reading spot :)

Sites I use all the time!!!

IMBD-so good for that question-what's that movie-or what's that guys name who played that one guy?

Goodreads-met some neat people on there that recomend some good books-hoping some more of my friends will get on there and recomend some good books, and the ones who are on there will actually take some time to update me on some good stuff!! hey you can even get it on you facebook!!!

Facebook-i'm lovin seeing so many old friends on there!!! and liking it way more than Myspace which i'm hardly ever on anymore.

Snapfish-my new fav. place to get my prints, 9 cents a print via mail and always great coupons via e-mail! I still use Walgreens when i need things right away.

of coarse, I"d like to be on here more, i dont read anyones, if any of you are on though let me know....b/c i dont know any of my friends who are..This blog is insane long i'd like to do some small updates in shorter periods of time....but busy busy lately....taken me several sparatic days to complete some of it may not make sence...and not sure yet if i will include pics from memorial day weekend....?! i love you b/c i cant spell worth a damn.....thank you for helping me out when spellcheck doesnt have a clue what i'm trying to spell....

, and my super long cue, all though not nearly as long as angies!!! We are really liking the no late fees thing!!

Ok i think i've done enough free advertising for these sites, ha!

Like to remind myself of the fun things i'm looking forward to!!

Seeing Angie this weekend and finally meeting Eric!
Thursday being Lily's last day of School!!! all though i'm not sure what i will do w/ the kids home all day-i better find some activities for them!!
Pickling w/ Bex and Rachel :) Makes me feel a little country to Jam and Pickle and I love that!!! I'm so jealous of Becca's beautiful garden-wish i had the space for one-some day...
Momma Mia w/ Ana and her mom :)
Kasia's birthday-and spending a week in FW w/ John and Kasia b/c they are the best!!!!! I always feel like I can just be me and that they love me and the kids no matter what-they are so good to us :)
Art Fair June 20-21-anyone want to go w/ me???
Tylers 3rd birthday on the 26th-not sure what the hect i'm going to do for it yet-keep you all posted!!
Also looking forward to working on my tan b/c i'm sooo white!!!
and hopefully fitting back into some old jeans, not sure about bathing suit this summer-i'm not as motivated as i'd like to be. :)

Words I LOVE!!!
use them frequently with me and i will be happy....

FABuLOUS! RanDoM MIssIssIppI Avacado
Midnight copasetic mischeivous

Wicked-but only used before wicked good or wickey lovely, or wicked fun!!

Feels good to have the windows open! Finally some nice weather. storms tonight-love it!

Would like to end by saying I feel very blessed this month to be spending so much time with so many people that i love so much. Very lucky to have so many realy wonderful people in my life that love me and my kids so much. I also feel very thankful to have beautiful, healthy children :)
I love you all!!! and i'm sure i dont tell you nearly enough how much each and every one of you means to me :) HOpe you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed doing it!!

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